Contributing to Economic Diversification in AMENA Countries

AMENA Center for Entrepreneurship
and Development

Sustainable Development Through Innovation and Entrepreneurship in AI and Advanced Technologies We equip individuals from the broader Middle East region with state of the art technical, innovative thinking, creative problem-solving, and soft skills, emphasizing the disposition to view challenges as opportunities for generating ideas and the adoption of solutions into new products, processes, and services.

boot camps, programs, and events  held per year


of countries from the AMENA region participate

successful startup consulting engagements

Why UC Berkeley

Developing pathways to promote entrepreneurship and sustainable economic growth in the AMENA region requires an interdisciplinary approach. With its world-class schools and departments, and its proximity to and extensive contacts with Silicon Valley, UC Berkeley has the expertise to make a meaningful difference.

In 2021, Forbes ranked UC Berkeley as the best university in the United States.

According to US News & World Report, America’s longest standing and most widely-read  university rankings, UC Berkeley:


According to, UC Berkeley is the #1 University for Producing US Technology Industry CEO’s. Also according to PitchBook 2020 university rankings, UC Berkeley ranks nationally as the #1 public and second-best university in the world  overall for programs that produce entrepreneurs who go on to obtain venture funding.

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